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Mysore to have India's first Intelligent Transport System

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KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) will soon be implementing the intelligent transport system (ITS) for Mysore city under GEF (Global Environment Fund) – SUTP (Sustainable Urban Transport Programme), the initiative by World Bank.

The overall scope of implementation will consist of design, development, testing, installation, commissioning, training, operations, and management of facilities, for a period of three years by the winning bidder. The project plan covers 500 buses, 80 bus stops, and 10 bus terminals. It will have several components including vehicle tracking system, central control station, passenger information management system, communication sub system, travel demand management, incident and emergency management system, operational and maintenance specification and fleet management system. Core technologies include geographical positioning system (GPS), electronic display systems, and information & communication technologies. The cost of the project is Rs.19.13 crores that covers the capital costs and three years’ operating costs with a project contingency of 5%.

ITS in Mysore aims to bring about a synergetic transformation in the commuter experience, through a convergence of technologies. It has many benefits, including the reduction of commuter waiting time, fuel consumption, emissions, traffic congestion, and operational costs. It will increase the accessibility of the system, safety of users, and improve traffic efficiency, environmental quality, energy efficiency, and economic productivity.

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The Global position system (GPS) mounted as part of the Vehicle Mounted Unit in the bus will

receive the longitude and latitude coordinates from the Satellite through a process of

triangulation. This information is then sent across to the Central Control station through the

wireless communication link – GSM / GPRS. The application at the Central control station on

receiving the position inputs will update the display boards at the bus shelters / stops enroute

and at the bus terminal platform display panel and the general display panel at the related bus


The Passenger Information system will be driven by the following core sub-systems

Central Control Station

Automatic Vehicle Location sub-system

Information Display sub-system

Specific Passenger information shall be displayed through appropriate Display system units fitted

inside buses, Bus Stops and BUS Terminals integrated with the communication network and

instant information access through the web.


Real Time Passenger Information System would cater for the following features:

F-Req 1. Each bus, using the AVL-IS, shall determine its precise location and transmit the same to the traffic

control center at defined intervals of time

F-Req 2. The central control station shall compare the actual location of the bus, at a given time, with its

scheduled location.

F-Req 3. The central control station shall calculate the time for the bus to reach all subsequent stops along

the route, factoring in the current bus speed and any deviations from the schedule

F-Req 4. Information on bus routes, bus numbers, ETA/ETD at bus stops / terminals shall be made available

for web access through any of the query modes

F-Req 5. The Central Control Station shall transmit to the relevant display units, predicted arrival times for the


F-Req 6. Passenger Information System shall provide real time traffic density Information, which can be used

by commuters to facilitate travelers to better plan their trips, bypass congested routes or choose to

delay departure times in the event of congestion.

F-Req 7. The display unit shall be mounted inside the bus to provide a clear view for the travelling commuters

supported by voice

F-Req 8. The display rollover time shall be 30 seconds, but shall be configurable as required.

F-Req 9. PIS real-time data shall be made available through LCD / LED Dynamic Message signs (DMS) / SMS /

IVRS / Internet

F-Req 10. Departure boards, displaying real-time schedule information


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Mysore is the second cleanest city in India!

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Mysore, karnataka’s second city with a rich cultural heritage has been adjudged the cleanest in the country after Chandigarh, while Bangalore and Mangalore have bagged the 12th and 8th place, respectively.

The benchmarks for the rating were keeping city free from open defecation, universal access to toilets for all, including the poor, elimination of manual scavenging, wastewater treatment, solid waste and storm water and recycle/reuse of treated wastewater with the ultimate objective of ensuring improved public health outcomes and environmental well-being. 

The rating was carried out by three private agencies ––AC Nielsen-ORG Marg, Development and Research Services (DRS) and CEPT University –– who were selected in a competitive bidding.


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Mysore became the first city in India to have a JNNURM bus stand

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Mysore became the first city in the country to have a bus stand modernised under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Reconstruction Mission (JNNURM).

The Rs 11.50 crore City Bus Stand (CBS) upgraded within nine months was commissioned by transport minister R Ashok.


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