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Mysore Railway Station became the first in country to launch its portal.

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Mysore Railway Station became the first railway station in India to launch it's own portal - Portal contains all the information regarding train timings, arrivals , departures, Rules and FAQs. It also lists the available facilities in the station.

Mysore Road - Unbounded Royalty

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Mysore Road. So where is Mysore road?  Well, if you think so, you are in for a surprise. Yes. You may know Mysore road in Bengalooru which connects our capital to our Heritage City. And because of the name, you may even suppose that there is a Mysore road in Mysore itself.


But you may be excited to know that there are many roads and streets across the world in different continents, that are named after our Mysore!! To name a few, there’s one in UK, one in New Zealand and 3 in South Africa. Still don’t believe it? Google it on Google Maps. Type mysore road in Google Map’s search field and wait for the site to provide you with suggestions. You’ll then believe your eyes.

I was taken aback when one of my friends told me about this the other day when we were having a chat on GTalk. I did a search right away and ended up with the above page in my browser.






After this, I couldn’t resist it. I started to look out for other places on the Earth where I can find a Mysore Road or Mysore Street. But it was in vain. I could find only the above results. But when I was searching, I came to know that Mysore Rd in Greater London is a pretty popular street and attracts tourists. What can I say to this? The name, ‘Mysore’, has that power to attract it seems.



Even in New Zealand, its a beautiful street.



In South Africa..


And in Namma Bengalooru..


I kind of felt proud when I got to know all this. This is yet another reason to be proud to be a Mysorean. How many of you knew this? If you have any other info about these streets, or any other Mysore Road, please share with us in the comments area.


- By: Sunny


Pics Courtesy: Google Images

Mysore was home to the first private radio station in India

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Mysore was the location of the first private radio broadcasting station in India when Akashavani (which literally means voice from the sky) was established in the city on September 10, 1935.


The radio station was established by M.V. Gopalaswamy, a professor of psychology at his house in the Vontikoppal area of Mysore, using a 50-watt transmitter.


The station was taken over by the princely state of Mysore in 1941 and was moved to Bangalore in 1955. In 1957, the name Akashvani was chosen as the official name of the All India Radio (AIR), the radio broadcaster of the Government of India.


The AIR station at Mysore broadcasts an FM radio channel at 100.6 MHz, and Gyan Vani broadcasts on 105.2.


BIG 92.7 became the first private FM channel to broadcast in Mysore when it started operations on November 1, 2007.

Red FM [Previously S FM] 93.5 also launched its radio station here in April 2008



Courtesy : Wikipedia




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