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Mysore Road - Unbounded Royalty

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Mysore Road. So where is Mysore road?  Well, if you think so, you are in for a surprise. Yes. You may know Mysore road in Bengalooru which connects our capital to our Heritage City. And because of the name, you may even suppose that there is a Mysore road in Mysore itself.


But you may be excited to know that there are many roads and streets across the world in different continents, that are named after our Mysore!! To name a few, there’s one in UK, one in New Zealand and 3 in South Africa. Still don’t believe it? Google it on Google Maps. Type mysore road in Google Map’s search field and wait for the site to provide you with suggestions. You’ll then believe your eyes.

I was taken aback when one of my friends told me about this the other day when we were having a chat on GTalk. I did a search right away and ended up with the above page in my browser.






After this, I couldn’t resist it. I started to look out for other places on the Earth where I can find a Mysore Road or Mysore Street. But it was in vain. I could find only the above results. But when I was searching, I came to know that Mysore Rd in Greater London is a pretty popular street and attracts tourists. What can I say to this? The name, ‘Mysore’, has that power to attract it seems.



Even in New Zealand, its a beautiful street.



In South Africa..


And in Namma Bengalooru..


I kind of felt proud when I got to know all this. This is yet another reason to be proud to be a Mysorean. How many of you knew this? If you have any other info about these streets, or any other Mysore Road, please share with us in the comments area.


- By: Sunny


Pics Courtesy: Google Images

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#15 sundar 2015-03-15 18:20
It is wondering we are not giving right place to our own valuables, but we are becoming to know the valuables by other countries.
prashanth ballal
#14 prashanth ballal 2014-07-07 05:55
i was reading the book South By Java Head by Alistair McLean & i was surprised to see the mention of Mysore Road in North Singapore (page 31)
+1 #13 Guest 2012-07-25 13:33
Nammooru Mysooru...Nimmo oru Yaavooru???
+9 #12 Guest 2011-02-21 08:03
many people including me until i saw this was not aware of this fact. now i feel proud that there are roads around the world named after our Great City of Mysore. proud to be a Mysorean
#11 Administrator 2011-02-21 04:46
According to Dr Patil, the road in Lambeth was named after Mysore as there was an office of the Mysore Regiment which was founded to fight Indian rulers and later enemies of the British. It's said that the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore Jayachamarajend ra Wadiyar visited the spot.
+1 #10 Guest 2010-11-18 05:32
Well definitely took me by surprise...!! :).. Thats really nice to hear...!! Would definitely want to know how or maybe on what basis the roads in the other countries were named after nammooru..!! i.e. any historical significance or is it just sheer co-incidence and it means something else other than nammooru.. ?? Anyone knows?? please share it :) :)
Chetan Puranik
+1 #9 Chetan Puranik 2010-11-07 10:12
that's great to hear
+1 #8 Guest 2010-11-03 09:03
I am astonished to know that some streets in countries abroad are name after Mysore, which is traditional and heritage city. It is a commendable work done by Mysoreans in taking initiative in naming the foreign country streets after the great Mysore.Let this trend continue and let there be more and more Mysore Roads and Streets in the world.I thank and congratulate the persons responsible for this great job.
praveen kumar
+1 #7 praveen kumar 2010-10-09 12:59
it brings us lots of pride
+1 #6 Guest 2010-10-04 17:27
excellent work... i was pleasantly surprised to see this. :-)
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