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DRC Cinemas | First Multiplex in Mysore Popular

Gokulam Road, Behind BM Hospital, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore, Karnataka, India
0821-4240422 | 4241800
  • Parking
  • AC
1 October 2010
Weekdays [Monday to Thursday]

Morning & Noon Shows :: Kannada - Rs.80 & Non Kannada - Rs.100

Matinee, Evening & Night Shows :: Kannada - Rs.100 & Non Kannada - Rs.120

Weekends [Friday, Saturday & Sunday]

Morning & Noon Shows :: Kannada - Rs.120 & Non Kannada - Rs.150

Matinee, Evening & Night Shows:: Kannada - Rs.120 & Non Kannada - Rs.150
3D Movies: Rs. 30 Additional
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DRC Cinemas at BM Habitat Mall | 4 Screens |Now Running Movies
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Reviews (4), April 18, 2014
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
No matter what the critics say!.
..still drc in mysore is at its best!
Being the 1st multiplex here...
I am going here from past 3 years
N almost 95% of movies I have watched, it is in here!
A perfect place for hangout! :-)
by, January 9, 2014
REVIEW: Sholay 3D

It's really hard to tell which was mistake. Re-releasing it or Re-releasing it in 3D.

I would,agree with the later one.

3D is totally useless. 3D.means in ur face. But hardly were there any commendable 3D scenes. I watched the entire movie without those stupid 3D glasses as the image was much clearer without wearing them.

Instead of trying to convert the format to 3D it would have been wise to present it in 1080i.

They've remastered the sound format and have given a new feel to the movie. Which is the only plus point of this re-release !

Finally after yesterdays disappointment of not getting tickets, I was even more disappointed that I couldn't touch either basanti, radha, or Helen :(

Verdict : 1/5 stars.

PS: I doubt the projection was bad or the print itself was bad.


The image was more distorted when viewing with 3D glasses on when the camera zoomed in for long shots. For nearby shots, the image was quite clear.

Remember 3D works only when objects are filmed from a distance of less than 2.5 - 4 feet. That is perhaps why Sholay doesn't work in 3D as the entire movie has lengthy shots.

Anyone seen in 3D at DRC please leave a comment.
byHarish, November 11, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Loved the Sound Experience and the comfort. But you guys should do something for the Lift, it's one way!
byvinay vinu, October 13, 2012
0 of 2 people found this review helpful
Did not expect this from the first ever multiplex in Mysore.

Yesterday, 12.10.12 evening 5 p.m. show for Taken 2, enter, parking lot, no signboards, no power, dim light, no lift, no escalators. Had to take stairs, perhaps taking the stairs leads to a more healthy life !
Somehow found my way to the top most floor to DRC cinemas, no power there too, a guy at the ticket counter is using his mobile as torch for issuing tickets.

Enter screen 1, nobody to show me in, two guys who are supposed to show guests in, do not have torchlight, instead using mobile as torch light, thank God I carry a torch, made myself in, helped a couple of people in.

Time to rennovate things, a major overhaul is necessary. Satyam cineplex is a lot better !!!
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