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Brindavan Gardens | KRS

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The KRS dam – Krishna Raja Sagar dam named after the King is one of the most popular dams in the south of India. Built over the river Kaveri, the dam is revered for its water supply to a major part of the south of Karnataka.

Built under the reign of the King, the dam is the brainchild of the engineer Sir. M. Vishveswariah, who is popularly referred to as one of "The makers of modern India" and also "The father of planning in India". He is known for his unique and patented automatic weir water floodgates used for the KRS dam. The dam has the capacity to hold up to 49 billion ft of water and this is used mainly for irrigation and drinking purposes.

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Shivanasamudra Falls

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Shivanasamundaram Falls, this place literally means the sea of the lord Shiva. The river Kaveri, as it flows amidst the ravines and the rocks of the Deccan plateau forms the enchanting Sivanasamudram waterfalls. From a height of 98m and a width of 305m, an average volume of 934 cubic meters / sec flows forming one among the top 100 waterfalls in the world.

As the river Kaveri flows, it splits forming an island town of Sivanasamudra which is the fourth largest island formed by it. The island town divides the Kaveri into two different falls, at one end on the east, it form the Gaganachukki falls and at the other, it forms the Bharachukki falls on the west. The best view for the falls can be spotted from the Sivanasamudra watch tower which offers a great vantage point for the photography enthusiasts.

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Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary

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Ranganthittu bird sanctuary is situated on the banks of Kaveri near the historic town of Srirangapattana. One can obvious sight a variety of birds which come there during particular seasons from different parts of the world. There are guided tours for the visitors so that they can enjoy the place even more. Birds from Siberia, Australia and North America fly to Ranganthittu during seasons. It is 19 KM away from Mysore.


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