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Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple

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Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple Mysore


Krishnaraja Wodeyar III built the Prasanna Krishnaswamy temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna the founder of the Yadu dynasty. Construction of temple began 1825 and was completed in 1829. He presented the temple with about 40 bronze statues of Gods, Goddesses and saints. His name was inscribed next to the name of the statue. There is a statue of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III along with his wives with labels on their pedestals. The statue of the Maharaja is also worshipped. 

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Chamundi Hills

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Prided as one among the top 7 sacred hills of the country, the Chamundi hills stands tall at a height of 1000m. The hill derives the name from the goddess Chamundi who defeated the tyrant ruler of the Mysore kingdom- Mahishasura. As per mythology, the tyrant king ruled Mysore and it was this iconic battle which brought peace to the city and hence atop the hill, there is a temple dedicated to the goddess.

The hills provide a fantastic panoramic view of the city, the race course, Lalit Mahal palace, Amba Vilas palace of, lakes, trees of Mysore and the recent trends in which the city is shaping at its outskirts. The hill could be reached either by a public transport or a personal vehicle. A favourite pass time here would be to take the 1000 steps to the top on an early morning to reach the top. Along the way, we do meet the Nandi, a statue which is 16ft high and 25 ft long which dates back to a few generations.


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Lingambudi Lake

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Lingabudi lake


Of the three lakes in Mysore, Karanji, Kukkarahalli, the lingambudi provides the most rustic feel to Mysore. The lake is named after the queen, Lingajammani during the erstwhile rule. One of the advantages of the lake is that it is almost at one end of the city which provides a good distance from the rush and the hustle of the city life which makes it a perfect peaceful stop.

Owing to its location, perennial supply of freshwater, thanks to the River Cauvery, fish produce, the place serves as a great attraction for the migratory birds. Wide variety in the bird species can be found here ranging from the pelicans, spoonbills, herons, sandpiper, gulls, European Roller, etc. One of the reasons why it gets so many migratory birds is that it is one of the flyway route adopted by the migratory birds from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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