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Mysore Palace - Amba Vilas

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Myaore Palace - Amba Vilas



The Mysore palace (Amba Vilas) known as one of the grandest palaces in the country, the Mysore palace makes its mark in not only the city map but also the world scale. The place registers with one of highest number of visitors to a monument and is known for its grandeur, the opulent display of wealth, the intricacies of art and the sheer presence of a huge structure which very recently completed its 100th year.


The Mysore palace is known for a host of reasons starting from its architecture, the amount of time and money spent on building the palace, the way it stands tall right in the centre of the city. The palace built in 1912 is known for its Indo-Saracenic style of architecture used, its 3 storey building and the magnificent domes and gardens. Two bronze leopards at the entrance and the others placed at different places in the premises are quite an eye catcher; the fierceness of the creatures is very well established in the carved sculptures.


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Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery

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Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery

Jaganmohan Palace is amongst the oldest ones in Mysore which dates back to 150 odd years. Jaganmohan Palace was used for the coronation of the beloved king Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and served as a marriage hall for the king. It was also the place where the first legislative council of Mysore was held. This palace served as a residence to the Royal family when the main palace (Amba Vilas Palace) was caught in an accidental fire.

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Rail Museum Mysore

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Railway Museum

Rail museum is located near the Mysore Railway station and is the second one of its kind established in India after the one at Delhi. This museum exhibits ancient locomotives and carriages some of which are still in working condition. Photographs and books related to railway are also present. A striking feature of the museum is the Chamundi Gallery that showcases a distinctive and interesting collection of photographs and paintings portraying the growth of the railways.

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