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Kukkarahalli Lake

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Kukkarahalli Lake


Kukkarahalli Kere located in the heart of the city of Mysore, the Kukkarahalli Lake, more fondly called the Kukkarahalli Kere in the local language, is one among the three major lakes situated inside the city. Having gained much popularity over the years, it is today perhaps one of the prime Mysore attractions for tourists and locals alike.

It was created in 1864 by the then king of Mysore Dynasty, Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. It's main purpose was to serve as a water supply source for irrigation among other purposes. This 'J' shaped lake covers a large area of more than 150 acres and has a perimeter of roughly over 5 kms. Spread across the evergreen Manasagangotri area, the lake is surrounded by trees all over and is a picture of absolute serenity. It also majorly contributes towards the much needed lung-space of the city. The University Of Mysore now maintains the lake and has taken a lot of measures for its upkeep.

Kukkarahalli Lake is a big attraction to bird watchers. Housing more than 180 species of birds, Kukkarahalli Lake plays host to several other winged visitors from all over the world, in the migratory season. One can see an isolated island in the lake, which is a major breeding area for the birds. Painted Storks, Spot-billed Pelicans, Eurasian Spoonbills, Black-crowned Night Herons, Openbill Storks, Little Cormorant and Oriental Darters are some of the bird species that can be seen here.

Previously, visitors were taken on boat rides over the lake, but boating has been restricted now. A couple of crocodiles have been spotted here as well. Apart from this, the lake is a large ecosystem for many other aquatic animals and fishes. The Fisheries department recently started a giant fish shaped stall at the lake called the Mathsya Darshini to tickle the taste buds of fish lovers. One can find many varieties of fish and other delicacies here. Also, the Horticulture department has set up a plant nursery here, from where varieties of plant saplings and seeds can be bought. During Dasara, as part of the Dasara Flower Show, one gets too see beautiful flower arrangements throughout the path around the lake. Not surprisingly, many photography enthusiasts can be spotted here, trying to capture the perfect click. Kukkarahalli Lake is also a favorite spot among Mysoreans for an early morning jog or a lazy stroll in the evening. People from all ages throng this place in the mornings and evenings.

The lake, the surrounding tree line, the cool breeze, the birds and the Chamundi Hills in the background give you a 'straight out of a novel' experience. In fact, Kuvempu, R.K Narayan etc are just some of the many famous poets and writers, who derived inspiration from Kukkarahalli Lake for their works.

To quote Mr. R.K Narayan : "Sometimes, I went back to the Kukkarahalli tank in the late afternoon, when the evening sun touched the rippling water-surface to produce uncanny lighting effects, and the western sky presented a gorgeous display of colours and cloud formations at sunset. Even today, I would assert, after having visited many parts of the world, that nowhere can you witness such masterpiece sunsets as in Mysore. I would sit on a bench on the tank and watch the sun’s performance, the gradual fading of the colours in the sky, and the emergence of the first single star at dusk."


Timinings : 06.00 am to 06.00 pm. Free Entry

How to reach

Railway Station - JLB Rd - University of Mysore - Kukkarahalli Lake

Total Distance - 2.8 KM

Total Time - 6 mins
KSRTC Suburban Bus Stand - Irwin Rd - Railway Station - JLB Rd - University of Mysore - Kukkarahalli Lake

Total Distance - 4.3 KM

Total Time - 10 mins

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