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Karanji Lake Mysore

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Karanji Lake


What provides a small retreat in the summer heat is the presence of lakes in Mysore which try to keep the city within acceptable temperature limits. Located at the foothills of The Chamundi, the Karanji lake is a popular attraction amongst the visitors.

It is located over a huge expanse of about 90 hectares and it houses more than 90 species of birds, resident and migratory included. It has 40-50 birds with more than 17 species including herons, egrets, hornbills, peacocks, turkeys, black swans, etc. A long walk way of 60m with a width of 40m and height 20m make it India’s largest walkthrough aviary. 

 The lake also adds to the entertainment with the boating facilities which can be availed on any day of the week except for Tuesday. It is an exercise very popular amongst the students, especially the ones who want to escape from the prying eyes of the hustle of a city.

The Karanji lake also houses a butterfly park which hosts more than 45 species of the butterflies. It is a well laid out garden with flowers attracting the winged visitors to the butterfly park and the karanji lake attracts a good number of migratory visitors working in tandem to keep the co-existence factor in a conscious way.

 How To Reach

KSRTC Suburban Bus Stand - Hotel Sandesh The Prince - Mylari Hotel - Vasanth Mahal Rd - Karanji Kere

Total Distance - 2.4 KM
Total Time - 6 mins
Bus Numbers:- 200, 201, 202
Mysore Railway Station - Irwin Rd - KSRTC Suburban Bus Stand - Hotel Sandesh The Prince - Mylari Hotel - Vasanth Mahal Rd - Karanji Kere

Total Distance - 3.9 KM
Total Time - 11 mins
Bus Numbers:- 200, 201, 202

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