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Lingambudi Lake

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Lingabudi lake


Of the three lakes in Mysore, Karanji, Kukkarahalli, the lingambudi provides the most rustic feel to Mysore. The lake is named after the queen, Lingajammani during the erstwhile rule. One of the advantages of the lake is that it is almost at one end of the city which provides a good distance from the rush and the hustle of the city life which makes it a perfect peaceful stop.

Owing to its location, perennial supply of freshwater, thanks to the River Cauvery, fish produce, the place serves as a great attraction for the migratory birds. Wide variety in the bird species can be found here ranging from the pelicans, spoonbills, herons, sandpiper, gulls, European Roller, etc. One of the reasons why it gets so many migratory birds is that it is one of the flyway route adopted by the migratory birds from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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Kukkarahalli Lake

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Kukkarahalli Lake


Kukkarahalli Kere located in the heart of the city of Mysore, the Kukkarahalli Lake, more fondly called the Kukkarahalli Kere in the local language, is one among the three major lakes situated inside the city. Having gained much popularity over the years, it is today perhaps one of the prime Mysore attractions for tourists and locals alike.

It was created in 1864 by the then king of Mysore Dynasty, Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. It's main purpose was to serve as a water supply source for irrigation among other purposes. This 'J' shaped lake covers a large area of more than 150 acres and has a perimeter of roughly over 5 kms. Spread across the evergreen Manasagangotri area, the lake is surrounded by trees all over and is a picture of absolute serenity. It also majorly contributes towards the much needed lung-space of the city. The University Of Mysore now maintains the lake and has taken a lot of measures for its upkeep.

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Karanji Lake Mysore

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Karanji Lake


What provides a small retreat in the summer heat is the presence of lakes in Mysore which try to keep the city within acceptable temperature limits. Located at the foothills of The Chamundi, the Karanji lake is a popular attraction amongst the visitors.

It is located over a huge expanse of about 90 hectares and it houses more than 90 species of birds, resident and migratory included. It has 40-50 birds with more than 17 species including herons, egrets, hornbills, peacocks, turkeys, black swans, etc. A long walk way of 60m with a width of 40m and height 20m make it India’s largest walkthrough aviary. 

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