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Lalitha Mahal

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Lalitha Mahal

The city of palaces hosts one among them as a Lalith Mahal hotel for the privileged visitors of the city. The palace is the only one converted into a hotel in Mysore and has the pride of being a 5 star hotel and also rated as a heritage hotel in the city. The palace speaks of opulence and richness in every inch of it.

The palace was built during the reign of the king Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV and was for the exclusive stay of the viceroy. The viceroy was the most important representative of the British supremacy in India and he held the highest position in both the administrative and revenue front of the state. The palace which was meant for the Royal guests is now converted into a hotel and is now run by the govt of India.


In Lalith Mahal hotel, one can still see the old furniture being used, the Belgian glasses that adorned the palace, viceroy room, the banquet hall, dancing floor, Italian marble staircase, etc which speak of royalty in every sense for the place. The walls and the ceilings display a beautiful array of motifs, intricately carved wooden shutters, carved wooden cupboards, etc. The lifesize portraits of the erstwhile royalty, paintings, portraits tracing back to the era of Tipu give a glimpse of royalty in its true sense.

The second largest palace in Mysore is a great place for a stay overlooking the hill and the serenity of Mysore. The service might not be of the highest standards expected but it still is a great place for a royal welcome and a palatial comfort.




Location : 15 km from Mysore Airport | 8 km from Mysore Railway Station | Overlooking Chamundi Hills
Phone | Fax :

+91-821-2526100 | +91-821-2470555


 How to Reach

KSRTC Suburban Bus Stand - Regional Museum of Natural History - Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax Office - Kozhikode-Mysore-Kollegal Hwy - Narsipura Rd - Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel

Total Distance 5.5 KM

Total time - 11 mins
Mysore Junction Railway Station - Irwin Rd - Sayyaji Rao Rd - Mohan Bhandar - Krishna Rajendra Circle - Hardings Circle - Mirza Rd - Mysore Zoo - Kozhikode-Mysore-Kollegal Hwy - Narsipura Rd - Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel

Total Distance - 7 KM

Total Time - 15 mins

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