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Mysore to become solar city in five years

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The Palace City of Mysore is likely to turn into a solar city in the next five years, with an investment of Rs 1,650 crore that will come in a phased manner. 

The concept of Solar City which plans to adopt solar lighting in seven prominent streets, Chamundi Hills, Mysore Palace other than power generation from bio-waste markets and varsity campus, will reduce the demand for conventional power by 10 per cent.


In a meeting held at Mysore City Corporation (MCC), Dr Tripati, director of ministry of renewal energy, said that the Union government has come out with a policy to cover the cities under solar city scheme and the work has started in 31 cities across the country.

He said urbanisation and economic development are leading to a rise in energy demand in urban areas, which is the reason for enhanced green house gas emissions.

Courtesy : IBNLive

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