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New Prince bans entry to Mysore Palace

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Mysore Palace No Entry

In an extraordinary turn of events, the new Prince of the Mysore Royal Family has banned public entry into Mysore Palace effective immediately.

A non-disclosed proceeding till-now, that had been happening for over a month, got an absolutely unbelievable conclusion late last night in the Mysore Palace Conference Room.
The new Prince had since long made it public that it was his wish to preserve the history and heritage of the Wadiyars. He had also told that he would continue to legally fight the Government's move to acquire the Royal Palaces.

Ever since his adoption as the Royal Heir, he has been continuously trying to get the Government to sit for a discussion about the said matter. But unfortunately, the Government has been extremely busy in trying to get out of self-created scams and not doing anything for the public. Hence the new Prince wanted to do something in order to get the attention of the Government and make it consider the matter more seriously.

Our source inside the Palace said that last night when the Prince was in the Conference Room wondering how to go about achieving his goals, he accidentally opened a hidden cabinet and found a legal document dating back to the British Rule, which says the Maharaja or the Royal heir, has complete freedom to do as he wishes with the Mysore Palace and no Government can interfere in the matter. Overjoyed with this new piece of empowering information, the Prince is said to have come to the decision of banning public entry into Mysore Palace.

When we reached out to the Buckingham Palace for a comment from Queen Elizabeth, she confirmed the existence of such a document and even gave us a copy of the same which can be seen here

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#3 thegsK 2015-04-01 07:40
April fool?

Btw why is Buckingham palace mentioned? :o
Vikas Kashyap
+1 #2 Vikas Kashyap 2015-04-01 07:15
hidden cabinet anthe..... :lol:
Neha Malloli
+1 #1 Neha Malloli 2015-04-01 06:43
April fool ? :lol: :P
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